Common Causes of Low Hot Water Pressure and What to Do About Them

When you turn on your hot water tap, you expect the water to come out at the same pressure as your cold tap. Though this happens more often than not, some homeowners experience low water pressure anytime they’re trying to use their hot water. That low water pressure can be caused by many different issues and identifying what’s causing the problem can help you better explain your situation to your water heater repair team. Here are a few of the most common causes and what you can do to fix the problem.

Debris Buildup in Your Water Heater
The greater Denver metro area’s water table has a lot of minerals in it. Those minerals can make your tap water taste great, but they can also create problems in your home’s plumbing. Over time, they can build up in your water heater and decrease the amount of room that water has to flow out of your water heater and into your pipes. If you think your low water pressure is the result of sediment buildup in the heater itself, call your water heater repair team. They’ll be able to flush the water heater and clear out the sediment so you can enjoy proper water pressure.

During the flush, they’ll also be able to inspect the water heater to ensure that the other components are working properly. If they notice anything out of order, they’ll be able to make the necessary repairs so you can get back to using your hot water taps like normal.

Leaks in Your Plumbing
Your home is designed to maintain proper water pressure provided the pipes sending water throughout your home are in good condition. If they’re compromised or leaking at any point in your home, it can cause a decrease in water pressure. But changes in water pressure aren’t the only issue you face. Even minor leaks can do serious damage to your property. The best thing you can do is schedule a plumbing inspection with your plumber. Let them check your pipes for any leaks and repair those leaks if they find them. This may resolve your low water pressure issues and will help you keep your home in better condition in the long run.

Damaged Pressure Regulator
Homes are equipped with pressure regulators to help ensure that the water pressure from your area’s water main isn’t so high that it causes damage to your home. If the pressure regulator is damaged or wasn’t installed correctly, it can lead to low water pressure in your home. Keep in mind that you’ll likely see a drop in pressure in both your hot and cold taps when the problem is caused by the pressure regulator.

Your plumber will be able to inspect the regulator and determine if it’s the reason your system isn’t getting the pressure it needs. 

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