Why Denver Homeowners Need the Halo 5 Filtration System

Though the Denver Metro area’s water supply is good and tastes great most of the time, there are still contaminants and minerals that can lead to issues down the line. And while a countertop or pitcher water filtration system can help, it’s not enough to provide your entire home with the clean water you deserve. Installing the HALO 5 water filtration system can help you ensure that the water flowing out of your taps is the best it can be at all times. Here are a few of the key reasons to upgrade your home with the HALO 5 filtration system rather than relying on your countertop water filtration device.

It Reduces Buildup and Strange Residues
The HALO 5 filtration system is a whole home system designed to remove impurities and contaminants in your water. But the system goes one step further than most whole-home filtration systems. It features an inline water conditioner which helps keep the hard water minerals that lead to spots on your faucets and crusty buildup in your water lines from building up in the first place. The result is water that won’t leave behind mineral deposits or slimy residues.

The HALO 5 Makes Your Water Taste Better
Unlike many water filtration systems, the HALO 5 system doesn’t actually remove the minerals from your home’s water supply. Instead, it filters out the contaminants that make your water less than ideal while leaving the minerals in place. This means the water that flows out of your taps will still have the delicious flavor you love. 

The System Requires No Ongoing Maintenance
With most water filtration systems, you’ll need to replace the filters and perform routine maintenance often if you want the system to last. This can be a real chore for many homeowners. But the HALO 5 system is unique and requires no maintenance whatsoever. The system will keep working for years and, if anything does go wrong, the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty against defects. 

Installation May Increase Your Property Value
Having a whole-home water filtration system may increase your property value and make your home stand out if you decide to sell it in the future. Since the HALO 5 is maintenance-free, prospective buyers will see it for the benefit that it truly is rather than a source of potential stress. Even better, it may attract more buyers than you otherwise would, potentially helping you get a higher price. Just make sure the system is installed by an experienced technician, like the ones at Denver Water Heaters. This way, the warranty will stay intact and you’ll get the most out of your investment.

Upgrade Your Water Supply With the Halo 5 System Today
If you’re ready to give your home an upgrade that will improve your quality of life and improve your home’s value, installing a HALO 5 water filtration system is a great option. At Denver Water Heaters, our team is here to help. Contact us today to request an estimate and see how a high-quality whole-home filtration system can benefit your home.
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